Offset Printing

PT. Sinar Murni Indoprinting have been in the offset printing industry for longer than 20 years. PT. Sinar Murni Indoprinting provides a wide range of offset printing processes which are optimized in quality. Here is the process of printing services offered by PT. Sinar Murni Indoprinting:

Pre Press Printing

To ensure that the printed product has ideal and perfect results, there are many things need to be prepared. In PT. Sinar Murni Indoprinting, the process begins from layout process and artwork standardization, plate making with Computer to Plate technology, and the preparation of paper materials with a very high level of accuracy.

Computer to Plate
Computer to Plate
Polar Cut
Polar Cut



Using European machine, PT. Sinar Murni Indoprinting has experienced in producing various kinds of mold products for a variety of retail and industrial needs such as:

  • Packaging (Etiket)
    • Food (Biscuits, snacks)
    • Cigarette Packaging (HLP, soft pack)
    • Electricity (Lamp box, DVD Box)
    • Beverages (Tea, Coffee, Herbal drinks)
    • Labels
    • Book Cover
    • Fashion Packaging (Shoe box, etc)
    • Produk Farmasi (Medicine box)
    • All kind of paper packaging / printing
  • Poster
  • Stickers
Print examples

Post Press

The main support of a good printing product result is a post production process which shows a perfect quality. PT. Sinar Murni Indoprinting fulfill the need of the perfection on offset printing service which is capable of:

  • Die Cut
  • Folding Gluing
  • UV Finishing (Full / Spot)
Die Cutter
Die Cutter